Beyond the horror…the true face of darkness is incomprehensible Love

The consciousness of dark forces exist in all dimensions and densities, as explained previously. However, this notion is not something we should be worried about. On the contrary, like they explained before, the soul essence of any being that resides in higher realms is connected to God/Source/OM and there is full remembrance of the true essence and the Love within. If there is something that we should be aware of, for the most part, is our presence in the magnificent play of duality and the current transition of polarity integration, in physical, for the most part. Our choices in physical are colossal in the sense that each action always has an impact over other people and it echoes in other non-physical realities, for ages. We influence the dark forces at all times, for we are One with them in whatever expression they come to us.

We have an impact over the decisions of the current cabal and also on the ancient cabal of Atlantis and other timelines. Such is our power as individuals. In a greater perspective of dual “oneness”, the current dark cabal in physical represents the massive negative shadow self of the collective. We are still living in times of partial awareness, where the subconscious moves in a greater measure the decisions of a negative minority. How many people consciously decide to hurt others and to hurt the planet? In this knowing, to remember that Creation comes in waves of experience, some people decide to stay longer in the state of slumber, in the vibration of violence and control. In spite of this, existence is better understood when we think about the nature of a soul and its essence and decisions in all timelines, instead of the present incarnation. Understanding the soul path can give great insights into the origins and development of the very darkness that brings pain and suffering.

The story of a soul is long and complicated, but we can take a piece of his or her history and see how such cycle fits into the rest of the story, like taking a random sample of a population to understand the consciousness of the latter. The analogy is the same for the ancient cabal. A series of incidents turned the beautiful bright souls into monstrous abominations. It all started within their natural order of interconnectedness and love sharing. Like all family conflicts that lead to disaster, such is the case when there is no outer source of energy to uplift the consciousness of at least one member to bring a more peaceful resolution. The ball of conflict keeps rolling and rolling, until it turns into an avalanche.

When the extreme energy of hate is reached, and used as a simplistic impulse to exterminate that which represents a threat, in the consciousness of the one who collected over lifetimes such layers of pain that turned into hate, reason is lost and only the mere impulse to destroy is left.

Let us move now into the raw energy dynamics, beyond the concept of mental, emotional and physical pain. What happens when you extract the essence of the chaotic energy of extreme hate that wants to destroy? The energy in itself is very powerful, and very unstable. It is a very dynamic energy, with such potential to transform something, and it has no color or other definition. It is actually a very high vibrational energy, when you understand it, beyond the concept of a human being with awareness. It is simply a very powerful energy that wants to flow freely, outside of the limitations of a human vessel. It is an energy that if allowed to be completely free, it simply flows without a defined direction, it just travels and destroy, allowing for something else to give a new shape to what was destroyed. It is the very same energy that separates, that shatters, but another energetic form must come into play to reorganize things and give birth to a new creation. That would be another energetic form that would start bringing back the pieces, giving shape and stability to the chaotic energy. Both energies vibrate beyond what we know as electromagnetism and are One with each other. The darkest energy, or rather say, the chaotic energy that just flows and travels freely, shattering everything, is beyond electric in nature, while the other energetic form that brings back everything together keeping it stable is beyond magnetic. When both forces are combined, one gives direction to the other, and a special dynamism is created, in such a way that one is no longer completely destructive and free, and the other one is no longer static and shapeless. However, such forces cannot be defined as either “light” or “dark” anymore. At this time, both energies are just energies, just dynamics between particles hardly understood.

If the raw energy of hate beyond human reason can be compared to something, it is like a lightning bolt. A lightning bolt falls from the sky, and it can kill people or animals. Does the lightning bolt ever think about harming someone? It does not, because it is just an energy in nature that serves a purpose. Beyond the concept of a human or a reptilian, or any other being that has been evil, the raw energy used to bring chaos is like a lightning bolt. In a moment of extreme hate, that disguises the multiple layers of suffering, the impulse to release the energy happens like a lightning bolt. However, a lightning bolt does not stay forever in such energetic form. When the energies of God/Source/OM come to transform everything, and such outer forces bring forth the energies required to reintegrate that darkness into the heart of the vessel…miracles happen, and the soul goes back at some point, to where it belongs, in the arms of eternal Love. When there is a compromise with the collective and with God/Source/OM, the heart of darkness listens, and then begins a new mission in the Light, when the great cycle of suffering is over.

To give the proper closure to this piece of knowledge, I share with you an experience with the spirit of one of the members of the ancient council of Atlantis. It was actually very peaceful in the end. It was at night, when one of the ladies came and told me that she would show to me something. I closed my eyes, and saw her face partially and the rest of her human form, of how she looked like when she was incarnated at the time of the Great Fall of Atlantis. Once again, she was wearing her silvery robe with red and green patterns, her long decorated nails with patterns of the same colors, like her robe. Her hair was black and she was wearing the same makeup: the eye liner forming the pattern of the eye of Ra around each eye. The rest of the face was not so visible, but I saw black hair flying around her face and head. There was a difference this time though: she looked very bright, and her glow was mostly white-emerald green. Clearly she was coming mostly from a higher realm. She was not moving down to lower astral. Faintly I could see her smiling, for the most part the white-green glow would not allow me to see her face in detail.

It was then when she told me that she would show her true form to me. All of a sudden I saw how she transformed and became a very large white-emerald green ball of pure Light. She told me never to forget her true shape, no matter how horrible things seem to be at times in this physical world, and how much harm people can cause to each other and to other life forms.


Then, the lady showed to me how within all traumatized soul fragments in the hellish realms of astral, that we perceive as dark entities, including parts of our shadow self, balls of bright light of different colors exist. I could see in the middle of a black fog balls of light of different colors like orange and blue that belong to my soul and that are waiting for me to accept them back into my heart.

So you see, in all cases, without exception, in the greatest picture of the cycles of experience, it does not matter if in one or many incarnations we are as evil as we can be. When we go back to higher realms, we remember who we are, what we are made of, and when we incarnate during a time of ascension, we all heal, and with our own healing comes the healing of the darkest of beings. Whenever we come across a despicable person, let us remember the true essence of this person, because deep inside, there is a heart, even if it does not seem to exist beneath all those layers of insanity.


Deprogramming our negative relationship to food, medicine and harmful drugs industries Part 3

A few weeks ago I was motivated by my mom to follow a healthier diet. For many months I had been struggling with some form of apathy, like a mild depression of sorts, demotivated in many ways. I had been processing lots of personal things on a mental and emotional level, and then the winter holidays came with their exuberant foods. I gained a lot of weight and it was very noticeable how neglectful I had become towards my physical vessel. This whole issue with food and physical neglectfulness came to my awareness as a perfect addition to this chapter. In our current world in which our tastes oscillate between the most artificial forms of nurturing to the fiercest attempts to go back to the most organic forms of food we can see how food in itself and our relationship to our physical vessel, our densest form of expression in the realms of matter, shows much of our imbalances, both as individuals and also at the macro level of existence in this planet.


Going back to the wonders of Atlantis, and also its unnatural expressions that took us to the extremes of experience of the physical without a connection to the spiritual, the subtle energies that permeate it all, we can attempt to recall somehow the similarities of those ancient futuristic times to that part of our current paradigm that is becoming a perfect replica of such civilization. And then, one could really see a link between the ancient Orion paradigm in which food replicators existed, and the technologies developed in Atlantean times.


Omg you would not believe what I saw in visions of Atlantis. Within the Metropolis I saw an area that resembled in much Times Square in New York but much more sophisticated. Some flying vehicles, tall buildings and tubular bridges, holographic technologies instead of screens showing commercials and other things could be seen. Plastic clothes for sure were used but let me describe to you the scene of a restaurant. I was there with my partner eating in some sort of fast food restaurant, similar to McDonalds but more technologically advanced and for sure way much more artificial. There were no human waitresses only humanoid robots serving some food although you could also go to self serving machines that literally would grow food. Indeed very much like the Orion food replicators. How was synthetic food created? Polymers and other molecules would combine to grow a burger or other pieces of junk. It is not so different to the way artificial flavors are created from certain molecules. Through a tube beneath the machines, the substances would come out and then like a sponge absorbing water, the substance would grow and take the form of the food in stages. Actually, restaurants with robots serving food already exist in China and Japan, and you can think about how many experiments with food take place in labs in our current times. The quality of food becomes worse each day, while at the same time, more and more people demand natural healthy foods, respecting the laws of nature and preserving cultural expressions in the kitchen.


(Robots in chinese restaurants, although the Atlantean robots in food chains were larger and more complex)

What about the GMO’s of Atlantis? First of all let me describe an industrial complex where animals were held captive to use as food. No worries I will not describe horrible things in detail. There was a very large building, where animals were divided in different sections and robots were in charge of them, their food schedules, maintenance,  everything. It looked clean though. However, an interesting detail is that cattle looked different to the cows and bulls that we have in our current paradigm. The ones in Atlantis had very long ears and were covered in fur. The hoofs were black and the snouts were also black. Those animals were genetically modified, but they did not look as bad as some of the current animals that seem to be fed with steroids, at least this group of animals did not look so abnormal. Sadly, there was for sure a huge lab with huge complex tanks where experiments were kept and examined. Specifically, large and small bodies of animals inside those tanks were kept in some form of fluid. In that lab some scientists did the research and guess what was the symbol on their caps: the eye of Ra of course. Atlantis was the Empire of Ra. Also, on some of the walls you could see the eye of Ra inside a golden triangle. What is strange though is that in some part of this industrial complex a golden figure of what looked like a “cow deity” had been placed. It was a humanoid body with the head of a cow.


Art by George Frederick Watts

So here we are in modern times, even in the area of food, approaching quite fast to the most advanced stages of Atlantis, with the difference that culture and tradition are still preserved in many places (although dying fast in some regions and being replaced by the Atlantean paradigm), along with the growing desire to bring forth once again the spiritual and the natural to our diets.


In my personal experience with my most recent diet, I observe more clearly my thoughts around food, and realize more than ever a kind of negative programming in which, even if I do not require certain elements in my diet, I desire to taste them as soon as I see them, like an instinctual response to what I see. As I continue on this simple diet based mostly on certain kinds of vegetables (little starch), less meat (mostly consuming chicken that is not genetically modified and certain kinds of fish, avoiding the disgusting ones that look like plastic), some fruits (no tropical ones) and probably only once per week or much less something sweet like a chocolate, a cookie or a piece of bread or cheese, but for the most part I suppressed all those things, ah and only consuming a bit of brown sugar in natural oatmeal and coffee. This diet is as austere as possible, and the results are fantastic. One can clearly see those patterns of craving junk food and really not needing any of it. In some other chapter in the future I shall write about specific negative programs that lead to the ideas and desires related to junk food and how we all as a collective contribute in much to the creation of synthetic foods, the mistreatment of animals, land, plants and water resources and ourselves of course. What we cannot do is to change the consciousness of the large portions of the population that still feel the need and the desire to experience an Atlantean paradigm in our current times, but we can do our own part, do you not think so?


Empty seats

What came first? The egg or the chicken? The answer is not clear. Especially when one thinks about one’s own biological family in terms of soul connections, the so called soul-family per se (the guys who were created very close to you in the beginning of no time, but that might include biological family), and the first ancient group of Annunaki, who had such skills and knowledge from their own positive and negative experiences as to decide to start a dark game of “this is what Love is obviously or not so obviously NOT”. It is very complicated. To think about how the infection started in one’s own existence.

However, in one way or another we all feel the same way, even the dark cabal feel deep within their core the abandonment of each other and the disconnection from Source/OM/God/Creation. With the initial infection that they created within their small group, that later on expanded to become a larger group, they created their own painful patterns and were thus able to also expand the virus of abandonment and rejection to the rest of the world. The Atlantean technologies seen nowadays as methods of mind-control are just a plus added to the original family codependent dynamics to create more twists and turns.


We all carry the codependency within our bruised hearts and that is the name for the virus that sometimes grows way too much to become evil as we know it. A little child screams for love within each being, and that is no exception for the darkest beings ever. In ourselves, it is expressed in lots of ways, lots of projections and one of those projections is called waiting. Yes we are all waiting for someone to come back to us, consciously or unconsciously. Maybe even a phenomenon often referred to as Ascension, so that we are able to feel more whole and safe within ourselves.

During the Atlantean times, and even after the fall, the sons of Belial walked among us, and they were not always bullies. Their existence is indeed very black but not 100% black, there are some hues of grey and a bit of white as well. They were human childs thirsty of love, but their own programming would create cycles in their consciousness as they grew older in each negative incarnation, in such a way that they would modify each other’s thought patterns, having devastating consequences for themselves and for large groups of people. People have always thought that they left us alone, along with others. Part of us is always looking for our biological parents to give love to us that we lacked as children. Our parents in one way or another did our best for us, and then there is always an awkward relationship with brothers/sisters, uncles/aunts…etc. It never fails that we perpetuate codependent patterns within our biological families. Imagine then how we infect others, how we fragment others, and then how we are reminded of our love deprivation as children when we look at our corporations and governments…as the mother/father figures who punish us, control us, neglect us, lie to us…etc. More on this on upcoming chapters, of course!


During Atlantean times, they were there, among the people, in their private spaces, occupying their private seats, on top of the ones who now have the power, elegantly dressed and very eccentric for the most part. For those ones surrounding them, there was an established relationship of seeing the cabal as their mother/father/master figures in ritualistic and symbolic ways, sometimes even more. Remember for example the case of the rocker lady from previous chapters, member of the Atlantean cabal, who was seen as a dark mother figure, and who programmed since then our current idols.

Empty seat

I was reading recently in one of the thousands of creepy, depressing all-is-black-and-awful sites about the Illuminati, how among the ruling bloodlines, there is this ritual in which they leave the main seat of the large dinning table empty, so that their master can come one day to occupy it. They say he shows up in astral form, such elegant man, sometimes half shape-shifted into a starseed goat-like form. Even as I share with you this sad story I feel sad and sorry for those guys who wait for their dark caretaker to come back to them to have dinner with them. Maybe the story reminds me of some individuals that I remember from other lifetimes, including Atlantean times who were my best pals and my partner and who have not showed up…yet. In my case that is my waiting, and I know the feeling of your waiting dear reader.


Perhaps part of you waits for the ancient cabal to come back to repair their relationship to you and to extract the codependent pattern from you, or maybe you wait for an ancient god who promised you something, or maybe you wait for an ET relative to show up in physical, or maybe you wait for Jesus to come and say “hello” to you in physical, maybe you wait for the Buddha, or maybe you wait for your true love, or maybe another lost relative…the point is that you do happen to miss someone, don’t you? Everyone waits for someone to come back to them. Feel that pain my dear. Feel it deeply in your heart, your loss. You question yourself, “why have they not come back?” I hate you for not showing up, or maybe not so dramatically but a more genuine feeling of “I love you and I miss you dearly”, or “I wait for you to come back with a flutter of excitement in my heart”. Even the bad guys are waiting for their dark loved ones to show up one day, at least they wait for their big boss. *Winks*.


To an extent, waiting is always painful. Waiting is part of the codependency programming, because what we wait for is not just the individual we know at heart, for good or for ill, but also they took with them a little or a huge fragment of our soul in the area of the heart. We wait for them to give back to us that little piece of our soul, even the darkest guys do happen to feel that need, because they wait for their masters. We wait to reconnect to Creation as a whole and to see one day the collective shadow as one with us,without each individual losing their unique sense of self and freedom, instead of fighting and feeling deeply betrayed by this part of Creation.


Weird story right? Life itself demands from us certain levels of letting go though, and that in itself contributes a lot to the deprogramming. Maybe you have already let go a lot in your life at this point, to make space for your own heart to grow and to feed you with your own sweet energies of eternal life force. Who or what will help the others to let go their gods? Indirectly we can, because when we repair our relationship to our loved ones, even that awful parent, or stubborn brother or sister, or some other relatives, we will feel less and less threatened by the macro institutions that act like truly evil relatives and their own codependency must shrink because they will have less to feed on, less fear and pain from their ruled ones.

I leave you with this song that fits the

Deprogramming our negative relationship to food, medicine, and harmful drugs industries Part 2

Blame. Who is to blame? Is it them? Is it us? Is it God? Is it everyone? Or no one really? Blame creates disease though, but naturally the issue of all industries involved in our health is a complex matter. False promises of restored health for the desperate has always been the Aquiles Heel for the darkness to feed upon. Our wellness depends on a large set of variables.

Not long ago, as I closed my eyes I saw a glittery blue powder. For sure it was a drug or a medicine, most likely a drug. It was a substance created in Atlantis. Along with those powders was also the creation of other drugs in glittery colorful capsules. If you ponder on this, it makes sense to think that when Atlantis reached the most advanced stage of technological progress along with our most painful stage of spiritual disconnection and the appraisal of all things material, that the demand and supply for all things artificial also increased over time, just like how we see nowadays.


There was a very tall cylindrical building covered in glass. The laboratories and headquarters for all things pharmaceutical were located there, within the very large metropolis of Atlantis. Tubular bridges of transparent material connected the tall buildings, were people could see beneath their feet the streets and surrounding them, the flying vehicles.


One of the members of the ancient cabal shared a memory of herself with me. She worked in one lifetime in the headquarters with the other members. I saw her talking to another lady of the same team. They both wore lab aprons…and on their chests I saw the symbol of the Eye of Ra embroidered with black thread. Initially, her intentions were positive, she was doing research to use the best natural ingredients for cosmetics and other products, and when conflict arose within the team, she discovered the corruption. She read some files in the holographic computers inside the building, and while attempting to destroy the lab and the research…the whole building collapsed.


Sad is the fate for a family member that rebels against the whole group. She was simply removed from the stage, but at least there was a large damage. However, it was all repaired and life continued, chemicals were supplied, according to the demands of the people and according to the interests of the few. Such unlucky fate created deeper wounds within all members, and darkness grew larger over time.

I could say from other memories, that drugs were very advanced, and some involved technologies that affected the brain through electromagnetic impulses to give to the user direct experiences. It was perhaps something similar to certain kinds of video games, but something even more direct.



So you see, so fast do we approach the paradigm of Atlantis, yet so large is also the chaos in an attempt to bring to the light the hidden. The light of Creation is touching more and more the depths of our souls and so many are the ones who demand respect for their bodies and their hearts. However, among the billions of human beings inhabiting the planet, there are large groups within countries who conform to the established system and its offerings. Drugs for leisure, drugs for pain, a vicious cycle of incompetent doctors and their disempowered patients. Others in such industries working hard to bring forth new solutions, waiting for their discoveries to be known and used…and people questioning themselves whether they should keep consuming ol’ same ol’ drugs. Even better, young and not so young individuals seeking within and outside new forms of healing to leave behind the hellish realm of substances that once were used to disguise the pain…something that very likely was not seen in Atlantis with such fervor as in this time of painful transformation.

Ask yourself dear one, of the things that you have experienced so far in life in relationship to your health and the struggle of your loved ones to recover from disease or the passing away of the ones you care about, what have you learned? What do you think is the highest perspective? What can you do to improve your health deeply from within and in which ways can you give love to your people?

Our biggest responsibility is not to expose solely what the collective shadow known as a cabal does to harm, even less to only yell in anger. Our biggest responsibility is to stand up against all odds, to seek deep within ourselves the solution to our health problems and assist with love the ones we care about. In social media, to feed each other with anger, hate and fear is not the highest spiritual solution or form of healing. Are we willing to release our pain in efficient ways and seek new empowering attitudes?

Deprogramming our negative relationship to food, medicine, and harmful drugs industries Part 1

In some historical records, it is said that people would not reach ages beyond 60 years old, sometimes not even beyond their 50’s, as consequence of poor nourishment and pests. Life has been hard, and it still is, even the ones who have a great impact in different areas of expertise, have their own sufferings, and some eventually leave.

As technological development touched the food and medicine industries, food was available to larger groups of individuals with less effort and the span age changed. However, we live in very stressful times, in which we witness another negative Atlantean paradigm arising since the Green revolution began, and also a large part of the world populace signed a contract with evil, to accept chemicals as means to “cure” disease, and for the sake of profit and efficiency. Many enjoy hamburgers, made of known creeps, and other unknown creeps.

Personally, I deal with the anger of witnessing a close relative struggle with the mental, emotional and physical agony of cancer, of the poor health care system, and the calvary of chemical treatments that lead perhaps to a faster death. These weeks I have not even talked to the ancient cabal about this, or the other issues. Transformation and letting go at all levels make it almost impossible to write these days, and I empathize with those who are in this boat. How ad hoc is that? However, I sit down and write, while I listen. Do you still want to read a story with a higher perspective? Even from these old guys in other fluid realms? Perhaps you will like what they have to say though, but open up to the feelings of anger, pain, frustration, and maybe even hate. It is all valid, rational, understandable. I am with you in this.


What does the baddies of the past have to say about all the mess that we see around us? From which start point can we change all the apocalyptic disaster and how can we heal and prevent further infection?

“It all comes from the mindset of scarcity dear ones. It all comes from the idea that you must consume large amounts of food and medicines to keep your physical vessel going. That you do not have enough strength within yourself to nurture yourself properly, or to even heal yourself. Part of you believes that you must depend on a set of options given to you, to exist, to survive. Of course, in Atlantis we created all kinds of treachery to induce you to consume, just like what you see nowadays.

The advantage that you have to overcome this shadow though, is your initial awareness of what is harmful to your physical vessel, even to your mental and emotional health my dears. From this start point, you start changing the patterns, the ideas of what you thought was good in the beginning, but proved to be lethal in the end. You are not all equally affected by substances or unhealthy food though. This is a very important factor that you must understand dear ones. The spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions of someone who consumes poison is not the same for another. One might be more prone to disease than the other. It is mostly the brokenness accumulated over lifetimes of experience what has poisoned you, additionally to what you have consumed or even breathed. It is the tiredness of the soul, that manifests faster as disease. If you want to live longer, healthier, happier, and most important of all, with more inner peace, seek the broken pieces of your soul, of your heart first before anything else.


Imagine this dears, we knew since the beginning of our dark mission that the more holes you carry within your aura, your multidimensional vessel, the more vulnerable you become to all kinds of poisons, and in that knowing we created new tools for you to experience new forms of compassion and wisdom. Elements that cannot be felt, when the heart is still broken and anger clouds the knowings of the soul. Imagine now that some of you decide to use the knowing of disease as a portal to terminate a life path at a certain age, among a list of options that you can all have to leave your physical vessel. In this sense, from the perspective of your Godly-self, there is no conflict in the way you choose to leave your vessel, when you feel it is time for you to complete your life, and prepare for a new one.

More than ever, many of your generations are leaving, thus leaving you in turn with a sense of great loss, along with the apparent gloom that surrounds you. We say apparent because for the massive departures that you see, new opportunities for better life arise, in the future generations that are yet to be born in your beautiful jewel named Earth. Even for the animal kingdom and plant kingdom that is affected by the actions of the current cabal.



Notice dears that nothing is coincidence of a mere act of powerless display of a majority in the hands of clowns disguised in power to control it all. You are not powerless at all. A minority does not have the power that each soul has. In fact so grandiose is your soul power that you can overcome the worst of diseases, perhaps not instantly, but it can be done. Many have done so, but also, there is a time for the soul to say good bye to your physical planes. It is a choice to tap into this magnificent power that you have. Unlock that power, see it for yourself, heal the cancer of disappointment that manifests as tumors in different areas of the body. Bring forth to yourself through soul retrieval your own heart and your endless connection to God, your greatest healer and doctor. Be your own doctor, be your own healer, calm down your nerves and convince yourself that you do not need drugs to survive. Do not even fear junk food, under certain circumstances, as long as your heart functions, your body can get rid of toxic waste and chemicals.


Seek your honest healers to assist you, become the healer of your family, of your loved ones. Maybe you cannot save the lives of your idols or your family members, however, in the future it will become easier. Imagine the new potential incarnations of your loved ones, you cannot even imagine what they are planning already while you grieve the loss. We can see from where we stand, such potential, such joy of those souls, and in here we are not even in conflict with them or them with us.

As a summary, first key is to believe that we never had or have that power over your body or your soul to doom you or condemn you to suffer for another long cycle in the hands of poisons. To understand that deep within you, some day, you will find more of your power, the very life force that keeps you alive and shining, that can heal everything, even the worst of cancers and damage of the worst drugs. Second key is to continue seeking healthier life styles, remember your inner balance and apply that balance to your physical vessel. Seek healthy foods and new alternatives for diseases. Allow others to keep experiencing the old songs of chemicals, if that is their choice. For you have your own power, but you do not have power to save others or change the choices of others. Remember that others are still behind you in soul evolution, in learning from daily experiences, even from poisons. In much, these souls are the fuel for the current cabal. But this will change in the future dears. Remember that a cabal reflects collectively the shadow self. You never know when someone who leaves the stage poisoned by food, medicine or other harmful substances, might become a future healer.This knowing stays in the soul records, the knowing of disease and how poisons affect the body, and such knowing becomes a driving factor to understand the reversal of the damage.”

That was their message. In the following part, some memories of Atlantis will be discussed and compared to our current reality, along with the closure of such ancient wounds, to see in our future less of these scenarios. Life blossoms in spring, after the life dies in winter. Tears are shed, and we never know, in a world that falls apart, what miracles we will see after this cycle ends.


Military, consciousness of war and spying as mirrors of our relationships over time and the paradigm in Atlantis

Devastation and bruises in the soul can just a little misunderstanding or a rip in the harmony of communication leave throughout time. Such cycles of seemingly endless suffering in the lands of the “Holy” are witnessed by millions, leaving a reminder of such initial rupture in the ancient order of Love.

This is the origin of the need of a small group to create strong boundaries of steel, within the heart of each one and outside in monumental architectonic structures, along with the need to spy with a little eye on another…and then to create millions of artificial devices to keep looking, no longer into the movements of the one who is held suspicious but those millions who look equally suspicious in that eye of the paranoid.


One only has to imagine the simplicity of an act of cheating, such as infidelity within a household to create a massive ripple of anger and lack of trust that turns into the raw fear of betrayal and abandonment to understand the need to spy on another. Brothers and sisters turn into enemies, more so when the beginning of dominance and control starts in the hearts of disappointed couples, lost friendship and broken family ties. Within such a basis of mistrust lies the foundation for an “All seeing eye”.

Jason Patric keyhole
Jason Patric keyhole

Once upon an eon existed a family of Love whose individuals shared the deepest bond of the highest Love in the image of God/Goddess. Upon lifetimes of experience, what was once a declaration of romance, butterflies of bliss in the heart of each other and vows of long lasting friendship…turned into declarations of hate and then…of war. A cabal of darkness is born from the veil of forgetfulness and the constant ripping of the soul in the most heinous forms of carnage. Such form of darkness takes a more civilized expression of physical shape, called modernity and order.

I saw a memory of the city in its full splendor, with flaying cars and tall buildings, connected by tubular bridges. Then an image of some sort of attack from military forces to other individuals and cars with sophisticated weaponry and large armored vehicles. Then, I saw that outside of the borders of the shining metropolis a large military base was located, in the middle of a plain arid land. Of the highest possible rank were some individuals, the members of the dark cabal…or the Powers that Were. Both the ladies and the men wore long military uniforms of muddy green tones and red hems, as well as red hats. One of the ladies wore, as in all other lifetimes of darkest power positions, the Eye of Ra eyeliner on both eyelids.



In other lifetimes, in excruciatingly painful ways, each member was subjected to a bizarre transformation, from human to war machine in the form of large android beings. Very complex circuitry, special metallic gadgets and elegant designs with cases of all kinds of weapons combined to form such robotic creatures, along with a tortuous programming that triggered rage. Something that could only be imagined and seen in Sci-Fi movies…yet much worse than Sci-Fi, more traumatic and inconceivable than any Kafkian piece of horror novel.


Artificial Intelligence, not so artificial though, existed in our Orionic legends. Such piece of Galactic history was replicated in the majestic Atlantis. What is the purpose of a logical mind that operates with wrathful commands without a heart? Beyond the idea of becoming a war machine, it is the symbol of the suppressed heart that no longer wants to feel the pain of such fundamental wounds like abandonment, betrayal, and loss of the most beautiful love that once existed in the poisoned heart of such horrendous creations. A robotic mind shall replace the integrity and the diamond light of the heart that feels, that exists to always love and bring unity to the beloveds.

It is the eye that spies in its full expression of horror, which demands a rigid order within a chaotic darkness, a forced promise of obedience, and the boot that steps over the heart and the throat in a gesture of dominance.


How can war cease in our fragile world when so much of what we have seen so far and what we still see is the echo of the ancient order of Atlantis and other ancient forms of darkness? Cabal speaks:

“Our technologies are once again being developed in your modern world dear ones. Before you say good bye to the old consciousness of separation, some of your human relatives in your world still want to taste the futility of war and modern gadgets for all forms of control.

For such purpose your current cabal with their empty seats that were once occupied by our physical bodies are doing their last efforts to bring to your world the more modern expressions of global conflict. As you heal within your own consciousness your aspects that are still participating in war-like attitudes in different timelines your world will taste the last remnants of polarization.

Think about this beloveds, whenever you fight with your loved ones, you add to the already large cloud of dark matter/dark energy that feeds war and control in physical more particles of negativity. It is part of your karmic records dear ones what you must understand at some point. It is a common incidence to choose to experience wars at all levels, but war shall be no more in your future. When you feel and think of your neighbors, of your brothers and sisters, of your friends and your authorities as your enemies, you indeed perpetuate such consciousness and thus war you see in your collective reality.

Start with your most immediate relatives and your own environment at home. See how many times you declare wars to your loved ones and how many of your leaders you support in opposition to other leaders. Peace of mind and peace of heart you must develop, and see each being in a new neutral light, without supporting one and discrediting another, for one is the same as the other in your politics and in each household.

Bring peace to your heart and detach from the anger that consumes you, no matter how much apparent injustice you witness, for all is illusion and timelines repeating all over again as a choice of some. Disarm yourself from all conflict, surrender and feel the loss deep in your hearts, for accepting loss over the need to control and to change what you see is true victory. Do not add more psychic energy to the current cabal with your anger and your sorrow dear ones and go deep within to allow your pain to flow and back into your heart love you will find and a new light you will see. Release your current cabal from all crimes within your consciousness and others will follow your path. Only then will wars no longer you will see.”

Of this I also think that if there is a legacy that one can keep from war and the military is a little drop of positive order in one’s own home and nothing more. Discipline of mind and discipline of heart with a new approach of peace and surrender will integrate all that was once learned for the arts of gruesome wars.

Another thing that we often see and sometimes we even experience is that we might be just a spy on social networking as much as agents spy on the people. Whenever we want to see if another is betraying us, stabbing us on the back, or abandoning us, many tools we often use to spy and to confirm our most suspicious thoughts about the other. Men and women equally who do not trust their lovers or their friends or others alike spy on each other, yet we feel that an outer force is unfair in their spying attitudes? Think about it, for a moment.

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Expect in the following posts a new fresh and healing perspective that brings more peace to the consciousness of those who seek in topics like:

-Military, consciousness of war and spying as mirrors of our relationships over time and the paradigm in Atlantis.

-Food, chemicals and drugs and our true healing power.

-The fundamental forces of dark energy and dark matter.

-The deep psychological meaning of the eye of Ra in Atlantis and throughout time.

-The fundamentals of black magic, its reversal process and kundalini.

-The fall of Lemuria and the merging of Lemurian and Atlantean lessons and energies for a paradigm of peace, tolerance and acceptance.

-The convergence point of religions, the father and the mother within and Atlantean cults and institutions.